Product and Orders - Important FAQs

Can admin change the status of the orders from the backend on behalf of models?

  • Yes , he can

Can the digital product be refunded?

  • No, there is no refund for digital products as it can be downloaded and viewed by users right away.

What are the types of digital products that the model can attach?

  • Digital products can be a MP4, MP3, snapchats, pictures,PDF etc.(any media files)

Can products purchased right away using stripe?

  • He can purchase the products from his wallet amount ( he can credit amount to his wallet balance)

When the product is refunded by model, what’s the payment mode to refund?

  • When the product is refunded by the model , the price of the physical product will be credited back to the users wallet.

Can the refund of the product be requested by the user?

  • No the user cannot ask for a refund for the purchased products.

Can the user cancel his order?

  • No, he can’t cancel his order , not in this sprint.

If the user has updated the wrong shipping address, how can the user change the shipping delivery address?

  • Yes .The user can go and update his address.

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