Important FAQ

What is the mode of payment for users?

  • The user can pay with stripe or CCBill , whatever is set by the admin in the backend.

Should my site be PCI compliant to store/save the user’s credit card information?

  • Your site needs to be PCI compliant if you are going to save the user’s credit card information. If you’re using Stripe as a payment processor, then you don’t need to get PCI separately.

With Stripe, it’s easy:

  1. Serve your payment page over SSL, i.e., the page’s web address should begin with “https”, not “http”.
  2. Use Stripe.js as the only means by which you accept payment information and transmit it directly to Stripe’s servers.
  • By taking these steps, you completely avoid handling sensitive card data, and keep your systems out of PCI scope. Using SSL ensures that your pages are secure. Stripe.js makes it easy to collect credit card (and other similarly sensitive) details without having the information touch your server. Those details are sent directly to Stripe, which is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. Assuming you’ve taken the steps above, Stripe can provide you with a completed Self Assessment Questionnaire, which details the means by which you’re handling credit card data.
  • Stripe’s official guidance on PCI compliance:

After user makes the payment for a model subscription, when does the model receive the money in her bank account

  • She can configure her automatic payouts from her stripe account as daily, weekly or monthly.

If am running an adult business, what payment gateways supported?

  • Adult payment gateways such as CCbill, Epoch, Verotel, Probiller are supported.

Apart from Stripe, which other gateway supports split payments like stripe connect.?

  • Gateways that supports Split payments include CCbill and Verotel

What are the crypto gateways supported?

  • Currently we don’t have any crypto gateway integrated. Upon request, we can customize and integrate a crypto gateway of your choice. Some of our recommendations are Spankpay, Bitpay, Coingate, Coinbase, Coinpayments.

Does stripe regular and ccbill support spilt payments on the platform.

  • Right now , the platform supports manual payouts, if needed the client can customise split payments from the CCbill.

What are the things that needs to changed by the site owner for ccbill

Step by step guide to configure CCbill 

How to cancel the subscription from CCBill?

  • The site owner can login to his ccbill account , provide his IP address of the website and  he can take help from Cbill customer service and request cancellation.

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