Do models also have to purchase the token packages from the admin like user?

  • No, the models will earn their amount in $ for each wallet transaction made by the users

If the users have 0 tokens, can they unlock any PPV contents?

  • No they need to add amounts to their wallet and then make a transaction.

How tokens are converted to real currency?

  • Each token will have a conversion rate amount set by the admin

Can tokens be used to purchase a subscription from models?

  • No, to subscribe ,the user must use a stripe card payment

Can wallet amount  be used to purchase a subscription from models?

  • Yes, they can subscribe to the model for so and so $ for subscription

Can admin add tokens to user’s balance?

  • Yes.

Can admin collect money from users via Bank transfer and provide him with a token balance to his profile?

  • Yes, the user can collect the money offline and add the token amount to the user profile.

Can the admin add wallet balance to the models account?

  • Yes, it can be added from the backend.

Can the user top up any amount to his wallet ?

  • No the user can only top up his wallet based on the minimum and maxim price set by the site owner.

Can the user add multiple cards?

  • Yes the user can add multiple cards to his profile and pay with any.