Is the free live streaming available for all the users?

  • Both free / pay per live stream is available for subscribed users only.

Is the recorded live streams available?

  • Right now, we don’t show the history of live stream and sessions.

Is the live stream available for the users in free trail period?

  • Yes

If the subscription is deactivated by the user with a model, does he still gets to watch the live stream of that model?

  • No, he wouldn’t be able to access the live streaming unless he activates the subscription with that model again.

Is the live streaming always free for the subscribed users?

  • No, the model may post it for free or pay-per-live, if its paid the user has to pay the price specified by the model to watch the live streaming.

If the user leaves the paid session, does he have to pay again to rejoin?

  • For both free and paid streaming , the user can rejoin the session anytime. If he has already paid for the session and when he leaves and rejoins, he doesn’t have to pay again.

What is the API integrated for live streaming?

How is the pricing of each sessions with Agora?

Assuming – 5 models in the platform wants to live stream
Each model goes on a Live streaming once a week.
5 models x 4 week / month = 20 Live streams per month in Total.

Each model live streams for 30 minutes each session – 30 minutes x 20 sessions per month = 600 minutes in total model streams per month

Each live stream – Audience 30 users watch the model stream fully for 30 minutes.
For each model stream – 30 users watch the stream for the entire 30 minutes.

Model streams in 720p ( HD )

Approx Cost – $350-$400.

5 Models
20 live streams per month
600 total minutes per month
600 total viewers per month
Cost – $350 – $500

Per live stream costs $17.50 ( for 30 minutes )
30 users watch the stream – so avg. per user cost – $0.60
You need to advice your models to price the live stream entry tokens more than $1.

It would be profitable for the platform to run the live stream.

The metrics will change if the model streams in 1080p ( Full HD ) or 2K or 4K

Check this Link –

Does the user have to pre-pay the PPV amount for the scheduled live streaming of the model?

No, the user will pay when he gets into the session only, as the model will set the price of her live streaming only before she starts to broadcast.