How to Create / Set-up Stripe Connect Payment Gateway?

Fanso uses Stripe with 3 user types

  • Merchant account: Website admin who will receive commission from performers and users.
  • Performers: who will connect their bank account with Stripe, by connect Stripe the system will pay performer directly.
  • Users: who will add Credit card and system will use to pay assets, tokens on website via Stripe

Merchant Account Setup

  • Sign up → Login to Stripe Dashboard ( )
  • Create your account under top-left corner

  • Select Developer menu and switch developer dashboard

  • Get Api keys under Developers → API keys → Public_key & Secret_key



Stripe Connect –

1. Register your platform –

Get started

Select Platform or marketplace

2. Add business details to activate your account –

3. Complete your platform profile –

*** Expected result

  • Account type: Express (required)
  • Capabilities: Transfer (required)
  • Charge type: Destination charges

If the account type is not Express type or capabilities is not transfer, we should contact with Stripe to update it to expected result above

*** Flow of funds: 

  • Platform account: it’s our platform, admin account
  • Connected account: it’s model stripe account



  1. Sign up your Stripe account at 
  2. Login to Fanso account
  3. Connect with Stripe under Banking -> Connect → Finish Stripe form



  1. Login to Fanso platform
  2. Add Card (save for future use, if card required 3D secure user must verify authentication on every payment)

Admin payout


  1. Ensure his Stripe balance has enough to payout to connected accounts (model)
  2. Ensure Token conversion rate (under Admin panel → Settings) is correct
  3. Model requests a payout
  4. Admin review then payout under Admin → Payout Requests


  1. Register Stripe account and fill API development keys in the admin panel
  2. Register another Stripe account for performer connect
  3. As a user, use Credit card from Stripe here Test your integration (

Go live

  1. Login Stripe merchant account
  2. Enable your API key from development to production. If you have issues, please contact Stripe support, they may check your website before approval.